Mission Statement

We here at theforgottenissue provide an opportunity for a resurgence of the local voice through poetry, prose, art, music, and other media from various perspectives, groups, and individuals as we cruise through the 21st century.

About Us

We are a community of writers, readers, artists, and thinkers spreading our digital thought processes in an electronic age, processed as the static burst between cable-news channels, the overly-corporate media centers feed mindless nonsense to the masses through a simple cables, wires, and the electrified fences that are physical media. We’re an open-minded group willing to work with any material, posting what we feel NEEDS to be READ and HEARD. We focus on the growth and development of the talent we find, not just the construction of a pre-processed piece. We search for the depth of a concept, and through the help we are willing to offer budding writers, we hope that their voices become cannons for their ideas.

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